June 22, 2013

Adobe Photoshop CS6 essentials/ Scott Onstott

One thing I learned from this book: manipulating text/ fonts and working in tandem with path/ vectors.

Use the Pen tool; draw a path (free form or straight); then select the Text tool; place over the path (cursor will add on a little symbol to show a path); click and type.

Easy to follow short exercises.

June 18, 2013

Painter X for photographers/ Martin Addison

Useful primer on Corel Painter. I'm using version 12 and can follow this easily even if its talking about an older version.

Comprehensive section on the various brushes, pens, pencils etc. Particularly useful on understanding the various Clone Brushes and their effects.

Dedicated section on Clone painting. With short descriptive tutorials and examples.

Customising brushes, paper textures.

Explains watercolours, oils and pastels, blender brushes, portrait painting, hand colouring, Layers, printing and presentations (colour management).