April 07, 2005

Magazine: Scientific American

Scientific American - (website: www.sciam.com)

On Science and Technology. Published monthly.

The issue that I read was vol 13, no. 3 (Dec 2003). This issues was on our solar system and its planets. Facinating articles on each planet, including the sun, along with the moons. Spectacular pictures of the sun & other planets like Mars, Jupiter, etc. Not just the planets but also on asteriods, moons of Jupiter etc.

Insights into how unmanned space missions are done. Speculation of possible life on Europa (one of Jupiter's moon). Written by scientists actually involved in those missions. Those who enjoy Analog or Asimov's would love this particular issue. Written in a manner that non-scientific minds like me would still be able to appreciate what they are talking about.

This is a sample cover of the magazine from Amazon.com, although not of the Dec 03 issue:
Look for this in the Magazine section of NLB libraries (shelved according to Alphabetical order, so look under "S"). Click here to check for item availability.

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