May 17, 2005

How to draw and sell comic strips for newspapers and comic books/ Alan McKenzie

Found this to be a practical book on drawing comics for newspapers and comic formats. Even if you don't draw comics, you might still find it useful as it covers (briefly) the development of comics in newspapers. I learnt how comics came to be syndicated.

There's a section that shows the step-by-step development of the story, storyboarding, preliminary drafts, layout planning, inking and lettering.
How to draw and sell-- comic strips-- for newspapers and comic books!
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It also covers the tools used, the type and choice of materials. Also the technical aspects of submitting comics for publication. For instance, that you have to draw in larger formats which is then resized down -- I forgot what the term was. Also about colour-separation.

The book was published in 1987. I suspect with current computer technology, some of the more tedious and manual aspects is made a lot easier (like lettering and inserting speech bubbles).

Anyway, if you think producing comics is easy work, read this and think again.

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