June 05, 2005

Science goes to war: The search for the ultimate weapon, from Greek fire to Star Wars/ Ernest Volkman

Found this highly entertaining. A history lesson on the development of war and warfare, from ancient times to modern and speculates what might be beyond.

It reads like episodes from the Discovery Channel -- very entertaining and I couldn't put it down. You have to read it to know what I mean.

This is not just a book "for the boys". I've gained insights to the rise and fall of Greek/ European civilisations, the descent into the Dark Ages, the development and demise of the Arab/ Muslim era, to name a few.

It's like a concise History of the World, from the war perspective.
NLB Call No.: 355.809 VOL (General section)
ISBN: 0471410071
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Anonymous said...

It's about as inaccurate as a Discovery Channel program, too.