July 09, 2013

ImagineFX: Fantasy & Sci-fi Digital Art/ Dec 2012

Some photoshop layering tips from Dec 2012's issue.

P88. Workshop feature by Annie Stegg.

  • Group layers together, and apply Mask (mentions Alpha Mask; restricts painting to the area).
  • For lighting, suggests creating two layers: one set to Multiply and the other to Colour Dodge. Work between these layers to get definition and depth.
  • Once basic lighting is done, add texture. Create a new layer; "setting a basic Speckled Brush to Screen"; put the layer on Soft Light.

  • Use Emboss and Bevel effects (try setting the directions to Up/ Down) to create inset looks on plate armour.
  • Shortcut: Use [F] to cycle through different screen modes in Photoshop.
  • Use the Smudge tool to "pull" hair strands when painting hair.

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