December 20, 2005

King Rat/ China Mieville

The problem with writing about stories like King Rat is that it's easy to give the plot away. But if you don't describe with details, the review's very cryptic. So forget it, I told myself. This isn't a review.

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Here are my thoughts/ notes on the book:
  • Saul was told about his heritage a bit like Harry Potter style.
  • It cuts from boring fantasy to something weirdly intriguing.
  • There's a british-fantasy flavour to his writings. A Faery-tale (rather than a fairy-tale).
  • It's not as grim & grungy as the New Crobuzon stories; it's almost Stephen-King-ish but not quite horror.
  • A play on the pied piper of Hamelin myth(oops, plot spoiler..)
  • I find that I actually sympathised with the rodents than humans.
  • A novel that makes hiphop (Jungle) hip! Rewind!*

* Mieville mentions this in his intro. Why "rewind"? You have to read the book to find out!

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