December 31, 2005

Books/ Magazines Read in 2005 (amended)

ll[Compiled & posted on 28 Feb 2006]

The list includes only books and magazines (AV items are excluded).
  • Total items read in 2005 = 91 items
  • Fiction Vs Non-fiction = 79% Fiction Vs. 21% Non-fiction
  • Subject composition (top 3 in terms of %) = Fantasy 23%, Science Fiction 23% (21 items each); Society/ Contemporary Fiction 15% (14 items); Military 4%, Art 4%, Science 4% (4 items each)
  • Items from Singapore Collection = 9 (10% of total read)
  • Formats = Books 48% (44 books), Magazines 12% (11 magazines), Graphic Novels 40% (36 graphic novels)
  • Value of items as per prices (excluding Out of Print items) = USD$1,019.13 (or SGD$1,654.35, as at 28 Feb 2006 conversion rates)

Titles read in 2005:
  1. 9-11: Artists respond – Vol 1
  2. 9-11: Emergency relief
  3. A bit of earth/ Suchen Christine Lim
  4. A life force/ Will Eisner
  5. A morbid taste for bones (a Brother Cadfael series)/ Ellis Peters
  6. AD & D (Asian Defence & Diplomacy)/ Feb 2005 vol 12 no.2
  7. Aliens: Stronghold/ Dark Horse Comics
  8. American Gods/ Neil Gaiman
  9. Analog Science Fiction & Fact/ Jan-Feb 2005
  10. Asian geographic/ n27, issue 5, 2004
  11. Asimov's Science Fiction/ Apr-May 2005
  12. Asimov's Science Fiction/ Feb 2005
  13. Asimov's Science Fiction/ Jan 2005
  14. Asimov's Science Fiction/ Mar 2005
  15. Asimov's Science Fiction/ Dec 2004
  16. Astronomy/ Aug 2005
  17. Astronomy/ Oct 2004
  18. Balzac & the little chinese seamstress/ Dai Sijie
  19. Cities/ (ed. Peter Crowther)
  20. City people notebook/ Will Eisner
  21. Concrete: Killer smile/ Paul Chadwick
  22. Concrete: Think like a mountain/ Paul Chadwick
  23. Digital Painting/ (pub. Ballistics/ digital artists master class)
  24. Dreaming down under/ edited by Jack Dann & Janeen Webb
  25. Fax from Sarajevo: A story of survival/ Joe Kubert
  26. Finding Ben: A mother's journey through the maze of Asperger's/ Barbara Lasalle
  27. Firebirds: Anthology of original fantasy and Science Fiction/ Sharyn November (editor)
  28. Fistful of colours/ Suchen Christine Lim
  29. Getting results: Five absolutes for high performers/ Clinton O. Longnecker & Jack L. Simonetti
  30. Google power: Unleash the full potential of Google/ Chris Sherman
  31. Heartland/ Daren V. L. Shiau
  32. Hellboy: Seeds of destruction/ Mike Mignola
  33. Hellboy: The chained coffin & others/ Mike Mignola
  34. How to draw and sell comic strips for newspapers and comic books/ Alan McKenzie
  35. Insider's Singapore: The alternative city guide/ David Brazil
  36. Iron Council/ China Mieville
  37. Isn't Singapore somewhere in China, luv? Stories about Singaporeans abroad/ Josephine Chia Over
  38. King Rat/ China Mieville
  39. Kite runner/ Khaled Hosseini
  40. Last day in vietnam: A memory/ Will Eisner
  41. Lila: An inquiry into morals/ Robert M. Pirsig
  42. Lonely planet norway
  43. Marching to Valhalla/ Michael Blake
  44. New Spring (A Wheel of Time novel)/ Robert Jordan
  45. Norway rough guide
  46. Orbiter/ DC Comics
  47. Perdido Street Station/ China Mieville
  48. Reading & the reference librarian: The importance to library service of staff reading habits/ Juris Dilevko & Lisa Gottlieb
  49. Reinventing comics: How imagination and technology are revolutionizing an art form/ Scott McCloud
  50. Samurai cat goes to hell/ Mark E. Rogers
  51. Scientific American/ Dec 2003
  52. Seabiscuit/ Laura Hildebrand
  53. Seventeen/ Colin Cheong
  54. Sleeper: Out in the Cold/ Ed Brubaker & Sean Philips
  55. Space Usagi/ Stan Sakai
  56. Star Wars: Chewbacca/ Dark Horse Comics
  57. Star wars: X-wing rogue squadron. Mandatory retirement
  58. StormWatch Vol. 1. Force of nature/ Warren Ellis
  59. Stormwatch. Vol. 2. Lightning strikes
  60. Stormwatch. Vol. 3. Change or die
  61. Stormwatch. Vol. 4. A finer world
  62. Stormwatch. Vol. 5. Final orbit
  63. Stormwatch. Team Achilles. Book 1
  64. Stormwatch: Team Achilles book 2
  65. Tangerine/ Colin Cheong
  66. Terry Pratchett's The light Fantastic
  67. The alchemist/ Paulo Coelho
  68. The complete Concrete/ Paul Chadwick
  69. The dreamer (A graphic novella set during the dawn of comic bks)/ Will Eisner
  70. The Fantasies of Robert A. Heinlein/ Robert A. Heinlein
  71. The fifth mountain/ Paulo Coelho
  72. The five star stories (vol 10)/ Mamoru Nagano
  73. The green man: Tales from the mythic forest/ Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling (editors)
  74. The last heros/ W. E. B. Griffin
  75. The matrix comics Vol 2
  76. The reef/ Nora Roberts
  77. The Sandman: Endless nights/ Neil Gaiman
  78. The Sandman: The wake/ Neil Gaiman
  79. The Scar/ China Mieville
  80. The secret history/ Donna Tartt
  81. The seige of Singapore/ Lim Thean Soo
  82. The Sgt. Rock archives Vol. 1/ DC Comics
  83. To kill a mockingbird/ Harper Lee
  84. Tuesdays with morrie/ Mitch Albom
  85. Understanding comics: The invisible art/ Scott McCloud
  86. Void decks and other empty places/ Colin Cheong
  87. Walk like a dragon: Short stories/ Goh Sin Tub
  88. We, the media: Grassroots journalism by the people, for the people/ Dan Gillmor
  89. Wildcats Version 3.0: Brand Building
  90. Wildcats Volume 3: Serial boxes
  91. X-wing Rogue Squadron: Mandatory Retirement/ Michael A. Stackpole

Almost-read in 2005
Nil - I guess I was pretty selective this year.


zlamushka said...

WOnderful aray of books and mags, Ivan. You and I seem to have a very similar taste - Isac Asimov, Dai Si Jie? I am impressed :-)

You just inspired me to pick up a few titles for my vacation next week.

Try Haruki Murakami - my total favorite this decade :-)

I have a little "recent reads" column on my blog - see how close our reading preferences get?

Ivan Chew said...

Hi, nice to find an Asimov fan too. I started on Murakami on the suggestion of a colleague. He's a little.. off-beat for me. But in a nice way :) Just took a look at your Recent Reads list. Hmm... you have a more esoteric taste, I think.